EGT Spain has completed a number of installations in some of Casinos Grup Peralada’s best-known venues in Spain.


Casino Tarragona has chosen the P-42V St Curved cabinet for its vast, curvy display, proven quality and ergonomic features. The operator has since received numerous positive remarks about the machine and its gaming mixes - Orange and Green Collection of 48 titles each.

In addition to that model the legendary Casino Peralada, housed in a 14th-century castle, and Casino Barcelona have also opted for the Super Premier 75 cabinet. In both establishments the feedback shows that it has been successful.

This is thanks to its 75ins curved display (the most spacious in the gaming industry), the adjustable multimedia chair, the rich-in-variety multigame mixes and the levels of comfort.

“EGT Spain and Casinos Grup Peralada have established a relationship based on trust and high performance and our recent installations are in line with the values and experience we have shared,” commented Kristian Kostovski, director of EGT Spain.

“Our partner is already convinced about the advantages of EGT’s slot cabinets - in all three casinos we have previously installed our bestselling P-24/24 Up together with several other models that have all proven their player retention features, uncompromising quality and attractiveness.

"The team at Casinos Grup Peralada also keeps track of our latest product developments. Most probably some of them will be part of our future projects, so I am optimistic that together we will continue to gain the approval of the local gaming audience.”

For several years EGT Spain has gradually increased the number of its installed machines in different regions in the country. Among its most popular models are the cabinets P-24/24 Up, Super Premier 75 and P-27/32 St H. The recently attained certification of its B2 Saloon developments has made it possible for the company to serve a much wider range of customers.