New UK casino, The Isle in Coventry, has responded to claims from a disgruntled customer that he was manhandled after a dispute over a roulette loss.

Mario Dejfar claimed he was manhandled by 15 security staff, ejected from the building after a disagreement, and left with cuts and bruises.

Dejfar believed his number had come up on one wheel, winning him £175, while he had moved on and was playing another. He later reported the incident to the police.
However, a spokesperson for the Isle told InterGaming that CCTV evidence had vindicated the casino.

"There was an incident where a customer lost on a spin and didn’t accept it," she said. "However, CCTV is everywhere in the casino and proved our case. He’s not disputing the decision now.

"All our security staff are totally professional and are very well trained and briefed on how to behave, and casino management has the utmost confidence that the incident was handled in the right way."

The spokesperson added that the casino, which is the largest in the UK and operated by Isle of Capri, had enjoyed a busy first week since its official opening earlier this month.
"It’s been seen as a true entertainment centre, which is exactly what we hoped for," she concluded.