Casino Technology of Bulgaria doubled the size of its stand in Belgrade this year.

"This is a good prospective market and we have many customers here already after making our entrance two years ago," said the company’s Sonia Nikolova. "There is a lot of talk about further regulation, but the changes in the law that have taken place so far have meant that we can now work more openly in this market without the confusion that existed previously. Operators were reluctant to make decisions because of the law."

Nikolova added that the trend in slot halls in the region is towards better quality games. "Action has been taken to stop copies, so legitimate manufacturers can now market their original products."

Casino Technology’s best-selling product in the market is Mega Jack. "This is already well known," said Nikolova. "Doing well also is our new Gemini multigame, which is performing to a high standard. "The arcade sector still prefers multigames because of the variety they offer, but there are more luxury electronic casinos opening that prefer single games."

She said that the stand had been visited by operators from all over the former Yugoslavia. The centrepiece of the stand was Casino Technology’s PlayMe, the electronic roulette table with a piano incorporated which was launched last year. "It’s too early to tell how this product will perform in this area," said Nikolova. "Nobody has it yet, so there is a potential market."