Caesars Entertainment has confirmed it suffered a cyberattack but insisted that its customer-facing operations were not impacted.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars said it does not think the attack will "have a material effect on the company’s financial condition and results of operations."

Although, it admitted that the attack saw data including drivers’ licence numbers and social security numbers of a “significant number” of customers acquired from the company’s loyalty program database.

The confirmation comes after reports that Caesars paid a ransom worth tens of millions of dollars to protect company and customer data, although Caesars did not confirm this.

“We are still investigating the extent of any additional personal or otherwise sensitive information contained in the files acquired by the unauthorised actor,” Caesars said.

“We have no evidence to date that any member passwords/PINs, bank account information, or payment card information were acquired by the unauthorised actor.”

Caesars said the attack cyberattack originated on an outsourced IT support vendor used by the company and it added that it “cannot guarantee” that the data acquired will be deleted by the attacker.

It insisted that the company has “not seen any evidence that the data has been further shared, published, or otherwise misused” but vowed to remain vigilant.

Caesars activated its incident response controls after learning of the attack and implemented containment and remediation measures.

It said it has taken steps to ensure that the specific outsourced IT support vendor involved has “implemented corrective measures to protect against future attacks that could pose a threat to our systems.”

Caesars concluded: “Although we are unable to predict the full impact of this incident on guest behaviour in the future, including whether a change in our guests’ behaviour could negatively impact our financial condition and results of operations on an ongoing basis, we currently do not expect that it will have a material effect on the company’s financial condition and results of operations.”