Apex Live Gaming's latest innovation, ChipperX, is a new device for casinos designed to be more than a regular chip sorting machine.


"Apex Live Gaming is made up of people who understand and have experience working in land-based casinos," says the company. "That's why we make equipment that helps casino staff do their jobs faster, better, more comfortably and easier." 

Designed and manufactured by Apex Live Gaming, ChipperX is a dedicated chip management device. It automatically sorts chips by value or colour into one of 12 designated chip tracks. Each chip track is configured to sort and store a defined number of chip types.

ChipperX has the computing power to quickly and accurately count, sort and distribute up to 500 chips per minute. It produces game statistics with a minute-by-minute display stored in the device's memory for one year.

Easy operation is guaranteed by remote control and diagnostics. Through remote access to ChipperX settings and management, Apex's team of technicians can help customers control the device remotely in real time. This reduces operating costs and service time.

The capabilities of this equipment go far beyond the sorting of chips. It provides casino management with detailed game statistics and helps operators to make the right decisions in situations where it is needed the most.

With reliable chip sorting, 12 chip tracks, simple operation, a clear touchscreen and many other features, it brings convenience to the staff at the table. And as a result, it speeds up the pace of the game.