EGT Interactive's senior product manager Yordan Georgiev tells us about the development of the new online video slot 20 Golden Coins.


Why did EGT Interactive decide to develop a game from scratch rather than follow the tried and tested path of adaptation of EGT land-based games?

"In the last few years we have grown a lot and in 2020 we decided to kick start something new, which gives more creativity to our team members. It was quite challenging to make a new game from scratch and it is more time consuming than the translation of existing assets from land-based. In addition to this, I would say that it was a great experience for all team members and I hope all the efforts will be appreciated by our players who will play the game and make it a new hit on the market."

What were the main challenges involved in creating a game from scratch?

"We had an idea of what we supposed to deliver as a game and features. However, during the implementation phase, we had some cases that weren’t 100 per cent covered in the design phase and we had to take quick actions and decisions to keep the deadline without risking the quality. We had a lot of back and forth between design/sound/implementation and the product team to achieve the final result, which was something new for us, as till now we had the game ready in land based and we just needed to transfer the behaviour to online."

What are the features that will make 20 Golden Coins stand out from the rest of the recent online games offering by your competitors?

"Two bonus symbols and mystery nudge are the features that will make the difference. Golden coins have different monetary values. The higher the bet, the higher the values. The game has a piggy bank feature, where it appears on the fifth reel and gives the players have a chance to collect all coins on the screen. In addition to this, we have the reel nudge, which gives an extra chance to the player to collect all coins on the screen. The reel nudge is triggered mysteriously only on the fifth reel and once it happens it moves forward, revealing new symbols. The idea behind this is to visualise the piggy bank and collect all coins on the screen." In which ways will it differ from previous EGT Interactive games?

"We introduced background idle animation, fancy ambient music and a modern vision of the classic slot games."