The CoinsPaid wallet aims to provide users with security, universality and more.

A multi-currency wallet that has all the advantages of “classic” crypto-wallets, it allows users to work quickly with different types of coins and to conduct transactions.

The platform will soon launch the wallet in a full version and is currently being tested among opinion leaders in the field of blockchain, in order to provide the final consumer with a perfect product.

CoinsPaid’s main features are that it is totally free, with a zero per cent fee to overe 200 merchants; it has a user-friendly interface and one-click actions; a high-end secure algorithm makes sure funds are safe; it caters for more than 30 coins and 20 fiat currencies; and it provides the easy buying and selling of bitcoin and other coins with debit cards within the app.

CoinsPaid stated: “Now multi cryptocurrency wallets are needed more than ever, since many governments are switching to their own cryptocurrency in the form of stablecoins protected by fiat funds.

“In the near future crypto-yuan will be put into circulation, which gives an unimaginably wide field of activity with a new cryptocurrency and its binding to other coins. And with this task, CoinsPaid promises to cope 100 per cent.”