Sportradar Integrity Services and the Canadian Hockey League have announced a multi-year education and bet monitoring services agreement.


This new relationship increases Sportradar Integrity Services’ portfolio of ice hockey partners to nine different leagues and federations around the world and strengthens its leadership position across North American sports leagues.

For the duration of the partnership, the three CHL member leagues will be monitored by Sportradar Integrity Services through its Universal Fraud Detection System, an advanced and proven bet monitoring system that has been independently assessed and verified by recognised experts in the field of sports betting and integrity.

“By engaging Sportradar, a leader in providing integrity services, the CHL is putting itself in a strong position to protect the integrity of their competitions as well as educate and inform all their key stakeholders about potential risks within a sports betting environment,” said Andy Cunningham, director, global partnerships, Sportradar Integrity Services.

“As new sports betting markets open up across North America, we look forward to supporting the CHL through our best-in-class products and services.”