, the pioneering online Bitcoin casino, has pledged 101,010 trees (at US$1 per tree) to the viral #teamtrees movement, which gained traction after pledging to plant 20 million trees by the beginning of 2020.


Through the month of November, Bitcasino’s players were able to seize the opportunity and donate their unused loyalty club points to the worthy cause. All contributions were then matched, Bitcoin-for-Bitcoin, by the Bitcasino team.

Donations came in at just over 100k, placing the Bitcasino community beside the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the #teamtrees donation list.

Despite the campaign’s virality, only a few medium-sized tech companies have stepped up to the challenge. remains the first and only organisation of its kind to endorse the cause.

Bitcasino’s team has boosted the donation to $101,010, an easily recognisable binary number to tech and crypto enthusiasts alike. Tauri Tiitsaar, director of casino, said: “It’s astonishing to see just how generous our players are, and we are happy to have been able to represent the crypto community in the #teamtrees movement.

“By making just a small addition to our loyalty club, we were able to have such a big impact on a global cause, and want to take this as an opportunity to challenge others in our industry and community to stand together with us in raising awareness on the important topic of climate change.”