Apple Industries is gearing up for a productive Valentine’s Day having reported a “100 per cent increase in sales” due to last year’s romantic celebration and its own “marketing efforts.”

Valentine’s a boost for photo booths

The day has become a multi-billion-dollar business with US$18.2 billion spent on cards, candies, flowers and a variety of other tokens of affection. With a Face Place photo booth, users can choose from a variety of romantic backgrounds and print romantic photo strips or send personalised greeting cards to the ones they love.

Over the past few years, Apple Industries has helped its operators to grab a part of the Valentine’s Day excitement. Face Place photo booths are helping operators to cash in with new Valentine’s Day art that allows users to print love-themed photos or create custom online greeting cards for the holiday of love.

To help photo booth owners increase sales, the Face Place photo booths would automatically display the Valentine’s Day art to consumers as they walked by the booth. This enticement becomes more effective in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day and works like a revenue magnet on Valentine’s Day itself. The updates for artwork are loaded directly into the Smile 2.0 software, so operators do not have to worry about making their machines ready for the holiday crowds.

“Couples love kissing in front of a camera on Valentine’s Day,” said Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. “What better way to show someone how much they mean to you than with a customised, online Valentine’s Day card? They also make great greeting cards to send to family members and close friends as well.”