The new target-shooting video game Outnumbered from LAI Games is now in stock and shipping.


The competitive single or double-player game is engineered to drive traffic to venues by rewarding people every time they play, with a free companion app called Weapon Forge encouraging repeat play by allowing them to unlock content and customise their experience.

After each stage played in-store, players are awarded achievements and rewards that they can use to create and upgrade custom weapons in the app. Their progress is saved and, by using the app to log in at the cabinet, players can use their new weapons in the game, creating a revolving door for repeat gameplay. Players can also use the app to find the closest game and track their career progress against live global leaderboards.

LAI Games marketing director Tabor Carlton said: “Outnumbered is a game of skill, based on speed and accuracy. It offers a refreshing change from the traditional 'spray ‘n’ play' format of most rail shooters on the market, which has resulted in a growing competitive community around the game.”