The identity of any player looking to buy chips worth JPY300,000 (US$2,650) or more would need to be verified under a new proposal by an expert panel setting out the ground rules for Japanese integrated resorts.

The Experts’ Committee held its latest meeting on Tuesday in which it also confirmed a recommendation for the maximum space the casino floor can occupy to be limited to three per cent of the total IR space and suggested a higher minimum size for hotel rooms in the nation’s IRs.

Most notable though was the call for players’ IDs to be confirmed for all transactions of JPY300,000 and above. The panel also wants any transactions worth JPY1m (US$8,830) to be reported to the Casino Management Committee - the IR oversight committee to be established next year.

The Japanese government will issue its decree in 2019 laying out the specific standards for IRs based on the Act on Promotion of Development of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities Area.

Source: Inside Asia Gaming