So what about Trump? I have been asked several times, probably because I will be tempted to say something outrageous. My senior colleagues were plainly disgusted with me for voting Brexit, so anticipate that I can be equally outspoken about Trump.

President elect, Donald Trump Jnr

The “Remoaners” who love democracy to the point where they seem to think we should vote again are being replicated across America, where the anti-Trump brigades are demonstrating. They obviously don’t believe in democracy like the UK’s Remoaners.

Given that the choice was between Trump and someone whose reputation was becoming more battered each day, one should perhaps hope that he will be surrounded by wise advisors who will caution against rashness.

As for our industry, from amusement games through to internet gambling, one should hope that as a former casino owner, Mr Trump would be at least cognisant of the industry’s problems and sympathetic towards its maintenance.

But he has also promised to clamp down on out-sourcing (mostly to China) of manufactured parts and to renegotiate all trade deals. Yet the US manufacturers of games and gaming need outsourcing to reduce costs and remain competitive.

He should understand all of these influences as, no matter how he comes across on television, Trump must know his way around a P and L account.

So where does it leave us?

Clearly and for reasons already outlined, Trump will have a good understanding of the gaming industry. But to what degree would he be willing to help his former competitors? And with the strong support he apparently received from the church, I am not comfortable with the notion that he will be soft on the gambling industry.

If he does stop free-trade agreements between the US and the EU and other regions, including the UK, it would result in import taxes for American goods too, so his own manufacturers may suffer. And if he wants to remain competitive, he will need to reduce the strength of the dollar.

On balance, he might emerge as being opposed to online gambling. Despite evidence that online gambling can be adequately regulated in the US, in some quarters concerns about the control of i-gaming among the under-aged remain. Those concerns could still be a barrier – especially with that church support sector.

Mix that lot together and what do you get? Don’t look here for the answer, because I am as confused as everyone else. I don’t know how he will please some of the people some of the time, let alone all of the people all of the time.

Image source: Michael Vadon (via Wikipedia)